It all started with just a simple vision. To create a real estate group of professional realtors working together offering better and more personalized service to their clients. We chose to name our group The Sterling Group since it describes our vision of delivering excellent, first-rate and exceptional service. The team member of The Sterling Group, understand how vital the process of selling and buying a home can be. With this in mind, we want our clients to have a positive, memorable experience. We do this by being professional, ethical and respectful to all our clients and our colleagues.
We believe you deserve good Realtors; we believe you deserve The Sterling Group.

Meet Luciano

Award-Winning Full Time Realtor and avid real estate investor for over 29 years. Born in Europe and growing up in Montreal, Luciano is fluent in Italian, French and English.


Luciano enjoys travelling the world with his family and has visited and explored 20+ countries throughout his life. He has a great appreciation for diverse cultures, history and loves architecture.

Luciano loves cooking for others and eating gourmet food. He is a theatre, cinema and symphony patron. Proud member of the Toronto Football Club (Soccer Club). He is also a collector of vintage cameras, comics, vinyl records and art work.

Meet Susan

Award-Winning, Full time Realtor for over 24 years and loving mother of two incredible young men. Susan grew up in Montreal and moved to Ontario to attend the University of Guelph. She fell in love with not just the campus but the city around it and decided it was the perfect place to raise a family.


Three decades later, Susan is still a strong believer in the philosophy of life-long learning and is currently enrolled part-time in European Studies at the University of Guelph. She speaks and writes in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Susan’s love for travelling the world has influenced her passion for photography and creating artwork. This also translates into her love for architectural design and allows her to help her clients build their dream home from the ground up.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, reading novels and attending various live performances. Susan is a die-hard fan of sports, stage plays and both the ballet and opera. Every year, Susan proudly attends the Toronto International Film Festival to experience other cultures and gain a worldly perspective through her love of cinema.